Lisa Jeffs - Private Coaching Sales Intensive

Boost Your Revenue by $50K-$75K in Just Two Months with Effortless High-Ticket Client Enrollment, Even If Sales Calls Intimidate You, You're New to High-Ticket Offers, or You've Struggled with Conversions! 

CEO of Aesthetic Loft, Speaker, Leadership Mentor 

 I live a more fulfilled life...  And my relationships are on a level I could have never imagined!"

There's one shortcut in life and that's coaching.
If you're ready for your next personal and professional level keep reading every word below...

You're here because something in you wants a change.

Am I right?

  There is a part of you that isn't completely satisfied with where you are and you're not sure how to change things... OR you know what to do but aren't doing it.

If that's you, you're in the right place.

Let me help you simplify the process of transformation with my proven frameworks that have helped 100's of some of the top performers, service providers, leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs on the planet!



Lisa was the catalyst that pushed me in that direction!!

I just love every second of what I'm doing

Brandon Waite
CEO & Game Developer


I live a more fulfilled life...

And my relationships are on a level I could have never imagined!

Anisah Mohamed
CEO of Aesthetic Loft, Speaker, Mentor 

Working with Lisa, I became aware of - and eliminated - many deeply held limiting beliefs about myself, tapped into my intuition on a WHOLE new level, and ultimately took some BIG leaps in my life and career. The whole experience was absolutely one of my smartest investments. Highly recommend.


Before meeting Lisa I felt stuck, and my self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior brought me a lot of unhappiness. Making it difficult to make simple decisions. Lisa helped me to remove the limitations and the fear that was preventing me from living a fulfilling life.  I was able to replace the internal clutter and chaos with peace and calm.   Working with Lisa helped me discover the greatness in myself and transform my life. 


I'm so thankful that I got to work with Lisa as my coach. She has helped me overcome the challenges I've faced most of my life. She helped me overcome self-doubt and low self-esteem. Six months after working with Lisa, I've found the spark and energy I thought I never had! Her practical approach to solving problems makes it easy to work through them. It has been a pleasure working with her.


I just finished up my 6 month program with Lisa. I am smiling ear to ear right now .. reflecting on the past 6 months is incredible!! Lisa has helped me grow spirituality too the point where I have no doubts about the universe giving me what I deserve. I have learned how to trust in my abilities and let go of everything holding me back. When I started back in January I could barely speak or share my thoughts with confidence and now I am so confident in communicating with others. I've been able to launch my own business and show up as the amazing person I am. Working with Lisa has literally changed my life. Life feels surreal .. I can't stop smiling ear to ear right now.

Working with Lisa was a transformative experience. I know first hand that it can be very challenging deciding whether to take a leap and to invest in yourself so significantly, but I am so, so glad that I did. I don't think I realized how much I was holding myself back and how many blocks I had subconsciously created in terms of my outlook on life and what I thought I deserved. Working with Lisa allowed me to break down a fairly unstable foundation, to get to the core of things, and to begin to build a newer, stronger base. Since working with her, things seem to have been falling in to place, and I honestly can't remember the last time that I've felt so content.


Lisa is INCREDIBLE!!! She helped me get my business to the next level in a very short period of time. I am so grateful that I found her.


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 High Ticket Soulful Sales Explosion

Boost Your Revenue by $50K-$75K in Just Two Months with Effortless High-Ticket Client Enrollment, Even If Sales Calls Intimidate You, You're New to High-Ticket Offers, or You've Struggled with Conversions! 

Unlock the secrets to high-ticket soulful sales success. Whether you've felt overwhelmed by sales calls, are new to premium offers, or have faced conversion challenges, this is your turning point.

This three day intensive strips away the complexities, empowering you with clear strategies to confidently engage clients and close those valuable deals. In a mere three days, witness your sales approach evolve like never before. Your pathway to increased revenue begins here!

 Up next, a deep dive into your transformative three-day blueprint:

Day 1: Cultivating Confidence and Conviction in Your Sales Approach

Soulful sales are about enrolling in clients that will benefit from your proven service. When you know what you sell is going to solve the problem your prospect has, it's your duty to show up and invite them in for a transformation.

But no matter how good your service is, if you're not convicted in your offer, confident in yourself and relaxed about your price, there is no way your prospect is going to open their wallet and pay you a high 4 or 5 figure amount.

This first day is pivotal. Beyond any sales script or technique, your inner belief and mindset are paramount. If there's any discord in your self-assuredness, clients will sense it, potentially doubting the efficacy of your offer.

 Our focus on Day 1 is to help you create a mindset of unwavering confidence and conviction in your offering. We'll engage in introspective exercises, possibly address any deep-rooted hesitations, and even fine-tune your offer or pricing strategy to align seamlessly!

Day 2: Mastering the Art of High-Value Sales Conversations

Holding sales calls can initially feel awkward or weird if you don't have a script or you have one that feels super salesy and gross! 

Especially when it comes to discussing prices or addressing objections you don't want to feel uncomfortable or forced. With the right approach, these discussions can be both natural and even enjoyable. YES REALLY! 

Imagine confidently sharing your pricing, gracefully navigating objections, and smoothly facilitating on-the-spot payments. It's not just a dream; with my proven six-figure sales script, it becomes your reality. 

On Day Two, our focus is to help you master this script, capturing its flow and tone.

By day's end, you'll be equipped to conduct your sales calls with conviction and confidence. Additionally, we'll explore essential post-call practices, such as effective follow-ups and nurturing leads that didn't enrol.

Day 3: Post-Call Mastery and Continued Growth

After engaging in one or more sales calls, Day 3 is dedicated to refining and perfecting your approach. Every sales call is a learning experience, and it's essential to reflect on these interactions to continuously improve. 

During this session, we'll delve into the nuances of your conversations, identifying areas of strength and pinpointing moments that may need a different tactic. We'll address any uncertainties or hesitations you felt during the call and develop strategies to overcome them in future discussions.

Remember, mastering sales is a journey, not a destination. 

Day 3 is about ensuring you have the tools and mindset to adapt, learn, and consistently deliver transformative experiences to your prospects while enroling them into your premium service. 

Please keep in mind, I have space for only 4 of these intensive per month. Therefore there is sometimes a wait. Contact me directly at and we can discuss if you need support asap.


  • This is for you if: You're a service provider who offers 1-1 or group packages 
  • This is for you if: You have a proven framework or service 
  • This is for you if: Your yearly gross income from this business is capped between 25k to 90k 
  • This is for you if: You have a method of booking sales calls 
  • This is not for you if: You don't have a proven framework or service 
  • This is not for you if: You don't want to sell a high 4 or 5 figure offer 
  • This is not for you if: You have no idea how to get sales calls books (this is a sales intensive not marketing) 
  • This is not for you if: You don't want to rapidly and effectively increase your revenue

The Tangibles  Included

  • Prep Package Before Our Intensive 
  • Three - 3 Hour Days Together (9 Hours Total)
  • 6 Figure Tested Sales Script 
  • Zoom Recording of all Sessions To Refer Back To Anytime You Need
  • Any Resources That are Applicable For Your Specific Needs
  • 1 Week of Follow-Up Support for Accountability and Questions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A good rule of thumb I go by is if you've been stuck on an issue or struggling 3 months or more... it's already cost you a significant amount. If you're now ready to be coached, you're ready for coaching.

You'll be contacted within 48 business hours (often much sooner) at the email you use when purchasing with next steps and to schedule your first session. Please double check the typing of your email to make sure it's correct. 

I can tell you this, 100% of my clients who show up to sessions, do the powerwork (work between sessions) and ask for support when they need it, get powerful, life-changing results. Just check the testimonials above.

That being said, if you don't show up for sessions, don't do the power-work and don't ask for help when you need it, your results will be an example of that. I'm giving you all the tools you need, and all the support you could ask for, you must use them to get the results you want. 

Accountability is a huge part of coaching. I have check-in's set up to make sure we're always moving towards your north star.