Lisa Jeffs - Long Term Intuitive Coaching and mentorship


"WITH HER GUIDANCE I NOW RUN THREE SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES!  I live a more fulfilled life...  And my relationships are on a level I could have never imagined!"

CEO of Aesthetic Loft, Speaker, Leadership Mentor 

There's one shortcut in life and that's coaching.
If you're ready for your next personal and professional level keep reading every word below...

You're here because something in you wants a change.

Am I right?

  There is a part of you that isn't completely satisfied with where you are and you're not sure how to change things... OR you know what to do but aren't doing it.

If that's you, you're in the right place.

Let me help you simplify the process of transformation with my proven frameworks that have helped 100's of some of the top performers, leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs on the planet!

Long Term Private Coaching Is Always Tailored To Your Needs 

But Some Of What You Can Expects Is... 


This isn’t your basic ‘let’s just think positive’ work. I take you through my signature step by step framework to shift limiting beliefs at the root. This helps you create and maintain lifetime shifts in confidence, awareness, empowerment, optimism, magnetism… and so much more. I could go on and on about the positive results that come from this work. It’s a transformation like no other. 

Discovering who you really are

Most people don’t see what makes them unique, special, literally one of a kind. When you tune back into the core of who you are and why you’re here, everything in your world starts to make sense. The cloud of fog that was making your path ahead unclear will now dissipate and next steps become clear. Synchronicities start to happen almost magically. You begin to align yourself with the best possible life and work specific for YOU.

The vision and strategy

Now that you have your thoughts and beliefs in check and you’re clear who you are and why you’re here. It’s important you get clear where you’d like ‘to go’... what’s the North Star you want to point your compass towards? This gives us the opportunity to start mapping out a strategic game plan so you can focus on what matters and leave the rest. You'll save precious time and money by avoiding what doesn't matter and focusing strictly on the needle movers. 


There is a reason billionaire business owners like Sara Blakely, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson speak of relying on their intuition and working with a higher power for their business success. Because that’s where the GOLD is! Now it’s your turn! As well as being a coach I'm also an Intuitive and healer. While you don't have to be interested in metaphysics or energy work to work with me... a lot of my private clients do tend to be open minded and curious. This leads to a powerful journey where we not only tap into the practical magic of quantum physics but also help you develop and sharpen your own intuition. 

Long-Term Coaching Requires a Discovery Session To Make Sure It's a Good Fit, Let's Chat...



Lisa was the catalyst that pushed me in that direction!!

I just love every second of what I'm doing

Brandon Waite
CEO & Game Developer


I live a more fulfilled life...

And my relationships are on a level I could have never imagined!

Anisah Mohamed
CEO of Aesthetic Loft, Speaker, Mentor 

Working with Lisa, I became aware of - and eliminated - many deeply held limiting beliefs about myself, tapped into my intuition on a WHOLE new level, and ultimately took some BIG leaps in my life and career. The whole experience was absolutely one of my smartest investments. Highly recommend.


Before meeting Lisa I felt stuck, and my self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior brought me a lot of unhappiness. Making it difficult to make simple decisions. Lisa helped me to remove the limitations and the fear that was preventing me from living a fulfilling life.  I was able to replace the internal clutter and chaos with peace and calm.   Working with Lisa helped me discover the greatness in myself and transform my life. 


I'm so thankful that I got to work with Lisa as my coach. She has helped me overcome the challenges I've faced most of my life. She helped me overcome self-doubt and low self-esteem. Six months after working with Lisa, I've found the spark and energy I thought I never had! Her practical approach to solving problems makes it easy to work through them. It has been a pleasure working with her.


What Would It Feel Like To...

  • Wake up and know without a doubt who you are and what your path is 
  • Believe you are capable and worthy of all your desires
  • Be confident to make big decisions that move you forward 
  • Love the work you do and get paid well for it 
  • Make a powerful impact and leave your legacy 
  • Let go of heaviness or burdens weighing you down
  • Feel calm, centred and confident
  • End procrastination and take action on your biggest goals
  • Build the confidence to make bolder moves in your life & business 
  • Improve communication and deepen relationships 
  • End the "start/stop" pattern and the frustration that comes with it Release fears around failure, judgment and success  
  • Stop analysis paralysis and self doubt 
  • Release fears around failure, judgment and success 
  • Consciously evolve and expand your presence in the world
  • Create your biggest vision ever and learn how to achieve it 
  • Master your thoughts and habits so they work FOR YOU 
  • Increase your motivation and action taking  
  • Have unstoppable confidence in yourself
  • Be supported week by week so you make consistent progress
  • Learn expansion and manifestation techniques from a practical scientific perspective 
I just finished up my 6 month program with Lisa. I am smiling ear to ear right now .. reflecting on the past 6 months is incredible!! Lisa has helped me grow spirituality too the point where I have no doubts about the universe giving me what I deserve. I have learned how to trust in my abilities and let go of everything holding me back. When I started back in January I could barely speak or share my thoughts with confidence and now I am so confident in communicating with others. I've been able to launch my own business and show up as the amazing person I am. Working with Lisa has literally changed my life. Life feels surreal .. I can't stop smiling ear to ear right now.

Working with Lisa was a transformative experience. I know first hand that it can be very challenging deciding whether to take a leap and to invest in yourself so significantly, but I am so, so glad that I did. I don't think I realized how much I was holding myself back and how many blocks I had subconsciously created in terms of my outlook on life and what I thought I deserved. Working with Lisa allowed me to break down a fairly unstable foundation, to get to the core of things, and to begin to build a newer, stronger base. Since working with her, things seem to have been falling in to place, and I honestly can't remember the last time that I've felt so content.


Lisa is INCREDIBLE!!! She helped me get my business to the next level in a very short period of time. I am so grateful that I found her.


*For short-term business coaching intensives learn more here or contact me directly at for more details
*Please note these can change at anytime, to secure you're place book a discover session and let's chat 

 THE BOLD AND CONSCIOUS LEADER - PLatinum level Program 

You've already checked off a number of important milestones, but you still feel like something is missing.

You want more purpose and fulfillment in your life. Maybe you long for closer connections OR a better relationship with yourself?  

Perhaps your heart is calling you to create a greater impact in the world.

If this is YOU and you're a leader, entrepreneur, executive or artist with years under your belt and ready to reach new levels both personally and professionally... keep reading, this program may be for you.

This is a year long journey that will improve how you think, how you make decisions and how you operate in your business and life.

From frameworks that eliminate limiting beliefs at their root. To communication models that help build long lasting powerful relationships.

To learning how to surrender and build success from flow rather than struggle and so much more.  

Due to the nature of this program space is limited to 4 Spots per year. If the statements above resonate book a call and let's chat. 

What's Included

This VIP program includes everything in the other programs PLUS everything below! It's structured a bit different to give you premium support...  

  • Up to three in-depth sessions per month to stay on track with our objectives (Cost if purchased alone ($54,000)
  • Priority voxer support between sessions (during business hours) (Value $70,000) 
  • Ability to book mini (I need help) sessions throughout the week on an as need basis (5-15 minute calls as needed) (Value $50,000)
  • 2 Virtual or in-person* 5 star VIP DAYS & Dinner Held Throughout the Year (in Toronto) (Value $15,000) 
  • Complimentary access to any group programs I run during your program enrolment (Value $8,000) 
  • Intuitive guidance when you need it - PRICELESS!

Total Value: $197,000+

Your Investment: Save With Pay-In-Full: 65k
Payment Plan: $6k per month
*travel not included

 BREAKthrough youR UPPER LImit - Gold level VIP program

This is a journey of healing, getting clear on your highest vision and taking the steps necessary to bring your vision to life.

This is a high-support coaching program designed to help you transform your life to one of purpose, fulfillment and unlimited abundance.

This is my most popular program, giving you up to 10 months of focused time to help you reach your 'North Star'.

My methodology is rooted in evidence based mindset work, intuitive guidance, strategy built from 17 years of experience and practical application.

If you know deep in your soul or are simply consciously aware that you're meant for more than you are experiencing right night, this program is for you.

Clarity, Empowerment and Achievment is the name of this game!


This program like all the other 1:1 programs is tailored to your specific needs. The tangibles included are...

  • Get clear/get focused initial session (Cost if purchased alone $1,997)
  • 2 -3 Sessions per month (depending on what you require to support you appropriately) We typically run 3 until the 6 month mark and then evaluate what is needed moving forward (Cost if purchased alone $27,000)
  • Weekly power-work to maximize your progress between coaching sessions (Value $10,000)
  • Access through email for support between sessions (You’re always supported) (Value $30,000)
  • Access to any new online programs and challenges (at no extra cost) (Value $8,000)
  • Materials and resources to support your transformation (Value $2,000)
  • Welcome packet (Value $125)
  • Next step forms after each weekly session to help you reflect and take action (Value $500)
  • Opportunity to record the session (Value $200)
  • 2 weeks of follow up email support (Value $2,000)

Total Value: $81,822

Your Investment: Save With Pay-In-Full: $30,000
Payment Plan: 10 Monthly payments of $3200   

 BRAVE AND EMPOWERED - Silver Level Program 

 For the committed individual who’s ready to show up and do the work. Overcome stubborn patterns that are sabotaging your success. Unlock your natural BRAVE and EMPOWERED state over the next 4 months!

Keep in mind, accountability is a big part of this program. I will be holding you accountable AND expect you to hold yourself accountable to doing the work that will get you to the vision you desire.

Because of the timeframe of this program I take a straightforward (yet compassionate), focused route. This will ensure you will get what you need in our timeframe. For a slower pace, please see my 9 month program.

What's included

Book a call below to see if this program is a good fit for your goals.

  • Get clear/get focused initial session - (Cost if purchased alone $1,997) 
  • 2 - 3 Sessions per month (depending on what you require to support you appropriately  (Cost if purchased alone $9,000) 
  • Weekly power-work to maximize your progress between coaching sessions (Value $5,000) 
  • Access through email for support between sessions (You’re always supported) (Value $10,000)
  • Access to any new online programs and challenges (at no extra cost) including Lifetime access to The Liberation Key portal (Value $8,000) 
  • Materials and resources to support your transformation (Value $2,000) 
  • Welcome packet (Value $125) 
  • Opportunity to record the sessions (Value $200) 
  • Next step forms after each weekly session to help you reflect and take action (Value $500) 
  • 2 weeks of follow up email support (Value $2,000) 

Total Value: $38,822

Your InvestmentSave With Pay-In-Full: $14,000
Payment Plan: 4 monthly payments of $3777

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A good rule of thumb I go by is if you've been stuck on an issue or struggling 3 months or more... it's already cost you a significant amount. If you're now ready to be coached, you're ready for coaching.

I can tell you this, 100% of my clients who show up to sessions, do the powerwork (work between sessions) and ask for support when they need it, get powerful, life-changing results. Just check the testimonials above.

That being said, if you don't show up for sessions, don't do the power-work and don't ask for help when you need it, your results will be an example of that. I'm giving you all the tools you need, and all the support you could ask for, you must use them to get the results you want. 

To answer this I need to know what your bigger vision/goals are and what challenges you're facing. Book a no-obligation discovery call and let's chat.

Accountability is a huge part of coaching. I have check-in's set up to make sure we're always moving towards your north star.

The discovery session is for both of us to decide if it's a good fit. While short-term business coaching doesn't require a discovery session, the nature of long-term coaching does. I take a limited amount of long-term clients per year and anyone I take on must

1. Be ready for coaching and coachable
2. Have a goals and challenges that I specialize in serving

If you book a call and it's not a good fit, I'll do my best to direct you to what I believe is.