Fulfill Your Deepest Calling, Make a Powerful Impact And Leave Your Mark, Even if You've Been Sabotaging Your Business Growth For Months And Don't Know Where To Start... or You Know Where To Start But Have Been Avoiding it! We'll Do This Together!

End Self-Sabotage And Become The Online Coach, Creative, Service Expert, or Healer You Were Born To Be!



You want to build a wildly successful online service business, one that impacts the world, is aligned with your soul's purpose and provides you with financial freedom...

Then you've probably already done what you've been told and invested in tons of business building programs, courses, and maybe even some mindset and manifestation trainings.

And they've helped. But now you're stuck, not making any progress and maybe even feeling like you're going backwards.

It's time to finally tackle and completely liberate yourself from the self-doubt, the holding yourself back, the procrastination and the playing small.

Because you didn't start your business to watch others online have all the fun and success while you keep going around in circles, never gaining traction or reaching beyond what you've already done.

You started it because you were being called for more. Because you have a message to share and a deep inner calling to impact people with your gifts, your story and your vision.

You also want the lifestyle, the freedom and the opportunities that having a wildly successful soul-led business provides. And you should, because it's your divine right!

Imagine waking up to a waitlist full of people who can't wait to pull out their credit card and pay you for your services!

Or having a following hanging on your very last word because you're finally showing the world the REAL YOU and they can't get enough.

How will things change for you if this was your reality? 

There has never been a better time in history to use your natural soul gifts to start or expand your business and impact the world.

This program isn't for people who want to sit on the sidelines and watch as other's take action and achieve milestones beyond their wildest dreams.

This is for entrepreneurs, coaches, experts and creatives who are ready to become their 2.0 version and achieve everything they've dreamt of. 

Let's get started so you can stop the sabotage and reap all the benefits of fulfilling your deepest calling and building a wildly successful soul-led business


This is a program like you've never experienced before!

I will work with you to overcome your sabotaging patterns and help you to create a sense of certainty and security within yourself so you can effortlessly reach your next level.

Never wonder "Is this the right step?" or "Can I do this?" again!

We're stripping away all the limitations that have held you back until today.

Yep they're gonna be gone!

They'll be replaced with a new found confidence in yourself and your path.

Worried about "getting it wrong?" so you procrastinate for months? I got you!

Scared to be judged online so you hold back? I've got you covered
Afraid of failing and looking stupid so you never try? Yep, got that covered too

Doing work you hate because what you really want to do, you think you can't make money from? I SO got you!

Or maybe you're not sure WHY or HOW you're holding yourself back. But you know you can be so much further along than you are. I'm here to help.

This program is going to provide you with a proven framework that will liberate you from most stubborn self-sabotaging behaviours!

PLUS the live coaching and co-working sessions to make the practical steps forward actually happen.  

You can take a big sigh of relief that any "stuck feeling" is going to fall away as you shift gears from procrastination to fulfilling your deepest calling and impacting those who you're meant to impact. 

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Hi, I'm Lisa Jeffs...

I've been helping people overcome self-sabotage for over 16 years. And been in the online space working with some of the best entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives, experts and trainers for almost 9 years overcome their business sabotage. 

I've appeared and been published in places such as Bumble Bizz, YFS Magazine, Toronto 640 News, Having Time, Tiny Buddha and Thrive Global to name a few...

AND I've also overcome my own self-sabotage... 

When I started my business I achieved success pretty quickly but then hit a wall. 

The sabotage came on right before a huge expansion  in my business. I shrank and began to sabotage the growth that was about to take my business to its next level.

It was a huge healing journey for me liberating from my own sabotage and stepping back into my power to rapidly expand my business. But that journey brought me to a new level of understanding and clarity of what people truly need to liberate from what's holding them back... so they can fulfill their calling and leave their mark! 

This is the program I needed years ago, it would have made my liberation from self-sabotage so much easier AND FASTER!

If You've Been Listening To The Podcasts, Watching The YouTube Videos, Reading The Books And Still Not Making Any Progress Forward... Let Me Help You By Doing Something Different. Something That Will Provide You With The Support You Actually Need To Get To Your Next Level

The Liberation Key incorporates exactly what online purpose-driven entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives and experts need to move forward, fulfill their calling and impact the world. The healing, mindset and metaphysical aspects coupled with the practical action based coaching and accountability.

Here's What You'll Get When You Sign Up

A Proven System to Eliminate The Self-Sabotage Holding You Back

The Liberation Key Framework is an accumulation of the most effective practices and techniques I've used for almost 9 years helping my private clients overcome sabotage. Every lesson and Key has been carefully thought out and systemized into an easily digestible format. You'll have access to the curriculum in your own members area

Live Intuitive Coaching And Hot Seats 

During our 18 weeks together you'll have 14 live zoom calls where you'll receive personalized Intuitive and Strategic coaching. This is your time to receive coaching around The Liberation Key Curriculum. Or to ask a question about your online business or project. Can't make it live? No problem you can submit your question and watch the recording to receive your personalized answer

Monday Co-Working Sprints And Intention Setting 

How you start the week is often how you finish it. Therefore Mondays we're setting you up for success from the get-go! You'll receive 14 co-working sprints where we'll be setting our intentions and getting the tasks you put off, or need to be finished, done! These sessions will also be recorded if you can't make it live

A Group Of Like-Minded People Who You Can Be Yourself Around

If you've ever felt like your self-sabotaging patterns made you want to hide in the background of groups... or even feel pressured to appear like you have "everything together". You don't need to worry about that here! You're going to be with people on a similar journey. In other words... we're your peeps! You'll feel 100% understood, respected and supported.

Accountability to Take Action on Your Biggest Goals

Great Businesses aren't meant to be built alone. Joining The Liberation Key ensures you'll receive the accountability you need to finally achieve what's been on your goal list forever! 

Lifetime Access, Including Updates

As a member of the first round of The Liberation Key, you'll receive complimentary access to any updates made to the curriculum

What Clients Are Saying

Working with Lisa, I became aware of - and eliminated - many deeply held limiting beliefs about myself, tapped into my intuition on a WHOLE new level, and ultimately took some BIG leaps in my life and career. The whole experience was absolutely one of my smartest investments. Highly recommend.


Before meeting Lisa I felt stuck, and my self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior brought me a lot of unhappiness. Making it difficult to make simple decisions. Lisa helped me to remove the limitations and the fear that was preventing me from living a fulfilling life.  I was able to replace the internal clutter and chaos with peace and calm.   Working with Lisa helped me discover the greatness in myself and transform my life. 


I'm so thankful that I got to work with Lisa as my coach. She has helped me overcome the challenges I've faced most of my life. She helped me overcome self-doubt and low self-esteem. Six months after working with Lisa, I've found the spark and energy I thought I never had! Her practical approach to solving problems makes it easy to work through them. It has been a pleasure working with her.


Enrollment closed

What's In The Liberation Key Curriculum

The curriculum contains 37 lessons which are easily digestible. Lessons have an audio or video training with corresponding practical assignments or action steps.

Also included to help support you are guided visualizations and meditations, printable posters and resources to support your journey.

The curriculum is carefully curated to take you on a journey based on my signature Expansion Method™ framework...  Awareness, Healing, Shifting the Habitual and Expansion. From start to finish all the hard work has been done for you, your job is to just show up, go through the lessons and reap the benefits 


This Key takes you through the practical application of getting your spaces (internal and external) ready for transformation. This step is often missed when one tries to make positive changes. However it's critical for long lasting sustainable transformation. You're going to make radical improvements with this KEY alone!


Imagine having a powerful new perception of your own self-sabotage and having an effective plan to stop it in its tracks. The framework of Key 2 is nothing you've experienced before. You'll be led on an exciting journey towards understanding yourself at a whole new level. You'll end Key 2 overflowing with confidence and empowerment


When we show up as our authentic selves and let the light of our soul come through, it becomes a magnetizing force.

If you have a big purpose in this lifetime then part of that includes being able to shine your unique self without any filters so that others can see who they are too! This KEY will get you to a place of radical safety and comfort to show your authentic, true self to the world


There are many important things about creating and having an entrepreneurial vision. First, it allows you to dream big and think outside the box. Second, it keeps you motivated and focused on your goals. Third, it helps you stay creative and innovative. 

And finally, it can lead to the impact and financial freedom you've been dreaming of. This Key is going to help you get clear on your soul desires and highest vision possible


Do you have what it takes to stay on top of your game? Momentum is essential for success in business, and I've got you covered with a multitude of tools and techniques to keep you focused and making consistent leaps forward


What if you could take all of the wisdom from ancient masters, add in some modern day science, along with your own personal experiences? You will have an unbeatable recipe for success. This Key will show how by implementing these powerful techniques that favor exponential growth over slow linear movements forward, you'll achieve your wildest dreams faster than you can imagine!




PRIVATE 1:1 Session

Start the program out right with a private 1:1 intro session. This type of 1:1 session with me costs $2000 when purchased on its own. This session is yours as a bonus for taking action and  committing to your growth by enrolling. This is an in depth session that will be done over zoom.

PLEASE NOTE: If you sign up for platinum level you'll receive an extra 1:1 to use at the beginning or end of your package. 


Expansion & Alchemy - 6 extra lessons...

to radically shift your vision and manifestations to the next level. These lessons can be a course all on their own. Valued at $997 these are yours to not only liberate from sabotage but to quantum leap to your highest level possible!


14 - Monday Intention Setting/co-working sessions

These sessions were not part of the original plan. I recently added them in for more support and accountability to help you crush your goals and feel extra supported. I don't know if these sessions will continue past the first 18 week round. With a combined $14,000 value, you don't want to miss these!

There Is Nothing Available Like This Anywhere Online

Whether you've tried everything or are new to online coaching programs this is for you!

The online curriculum plus 18 weeks together with live coaching, intuitive guidance and co-working sprints are exactly what you need to take YOU and your business to the next level.

I've made the mistakes so you don’t have to. I'm giving you exactly what you need to move forward the fastest. Without the fluff or unnecessary additions that just make things complicated and overwhelming.

Most of us know and have felt the cost of staying stuck, not only to our bottom line but also personally.

Think about this... 

How will your day-to-days improve, not to mention how you feel about yourself when as soon as you enroll you start taking action on the important things in your business?

The truth is when my private clients come to me to help them end their self-sabotaging patterns, most have been trying to do it own their own or have been getting subpar support for months if not years.

Another truth, if you're anything like whom I normally work with (PS. I'm sure you are if your reading this) then you have a gift of helping people and a unique message to share.

My deepest calling and why I do what I do is to help people like you feel safe and confident to step out, share your divine gifts and make the impact your soul is here to make.

I am 1000% committed to helping you fulfill the work you're here to do and become the entrepreneur, coach, creative, expert or trainer you were born to be.

The lives of your clients will be impacted because the action that you’re taking today… but you have to take action and make the first step. I got you with the rest!

Don't Just Take My Word On The Power Of This Program, Check Out What Other Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Creatives, Experts and Trainers Have To Say After Working With Me... 


Lisa was the catalyst that pushed me in that direction!!

I just love every second of what I'm doing

Brandon Waite
CEO & Game Developer


I live a more fulfilled life...

And my relationships are on a level I could have never imagined!

Anisah Mohamed
CEO of Aesthetic Loft, Speaker, Mentor 

I just finished up my 6 month program with Lisa. I am smiling ear to ear right now .. reflecting on the past 6 months is incredible!! Lisa has helped me grow spirituality too the point where I have no doubts about the universe giving me what I deserve. I have learned how to trust in my abilities and let go of everything holding me back. When I started back in January I could barely speak or share my thoughts with confidence and now I am so confident in communicating with others. I've been able to launch my own business and show up as the amazing person I am. Working with Lisa has literally changed my life. Life feels surreal .. I can't stop smiling ear to ear right now.

Working with Lisa was a transformative experience. I know first hand that it can be very challenging deciding whether to take a leap and to invest in yourself so significantly, but I am so, so glad that I did. I don't think I realized how much I was holding myself back and how many blocks I had subconsciously created in terms of my outlook on life and what I thought I deserved. Working with Lisa allowed me to break down a fairly unstable foundation, to get to the core of things, and to begin to build a newer, stronger base. Since working with her, things seem to have been falling in to place, and I honestly can't remember the last time that I've felt so content.


Lisa is INCREDIBLE!!! She helped me get my business to the next level in a very short period of time. I am so grateful that I found her.


Enroll Now and Save With First Round Pricing!


You'll join me 6 times a month (more if you have platinum enrollment) for powerful live calls where you get access to my 16 years of experience and expertise.  

You have big plans to start a project on Monday but it's Wednesday and you still haven't started... No problem! Bring it to the live call, we'll get you started asap.

Have a big launch coming up and feel like you're shrinking? Bring it to the live call we'll tune in for some intuitive guidance and get you beaming with confidence.

Worried about showing up on camera in the group calls? Don't worry, I know through experience this work can involve nerves. Keep your camera off or leave your question before hand so you stay incognito ;)

On top of that you'll have lifetime access (plus any updates) to a curriculum that will help you overcome even the most stubborn self-sabotage.

For the first time ever there is a program that helps you with the inner work + the practical. So you can say goodbye to those patterns holding you back and yes to making consistence steps forward in your business.

You're here to make a difference, let me help you make it.

I can’t wait to see the results that come out of this program and the lives that are impacted!

  • Are you ready to step into a new level of financial abundance in your life?  
  • Are you ready to start to see your business take off like never before? 
  • Are you ready to start implementing the things you’ve been procrastinating on? 
  • Are you ready to start confidently posting online, putting aligned offers out and showing up with ease?
  • Are you ready to get that support and accountability you know you need to be successful? 

Enrollment Closed 

Here's just a taste of what you’ll get from this program...

  • A proven system to liberate yourself from self-sabotage for good
  • How to end procrastination and take action on your biggest goals
  • Build the confidence to make bolder moves in your business 
  • End the "start/stop" pattern and the frustration that comes with it
  • Release fears around failure, judgment and success 
  • Stop analysis paralysis and self doubt 
  • Create your biggest vision ever and learn how to achieve it 
  • Be supported week by week so you make consistence progress
  • Learn expansion and manifesting from a scientific perspective 
  • Shadow work and why it's important to release self-sabotage 
  • Release limiting beliefs keeping you playing small
  • High level accountability to achieve more, faster
  • Priceless Intuitive guidance on live calls 
  • Have your business questions answered on live calls
  • How to tune into your heart consciousness and operate from that place
  • Set weekly intentions and BHAGS [Big Hairy Audacious Goals]
  • Co-working sprints to get "ish" DONE
  • How to avoid common mistakes when healing through self-sabotage 
  • Guided meditations and healing journeys 
  • Resources added to the platform to support your personal growth 
  • How to become the 2.0 version of you 
  • Become the biggest success story in your peer group 
  • Tune-in and understand your deepest calling 
  • Access to a wide variety of Tools and techniques to ensure you stay consistent 

Who is this program for?

  • High Integrity purpose-driven conscious entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives, experts and leaders who are ready to step into their next level, personally and professionally 
  • You know you're the best kept secret in your industry and want to impact a lot more people 
  • You're at a place where you're ready to take action (I don't care if you haven't been up until now, that is what this program is here to help you with) 
  • You don't want to do this on your own, you're ready to be a part of a safe and supportive group of likeminded change makers 
  • You're committed to your personal growth and don't shy away from going deep 

Who is this program NOT for?

  • You don't care about making a positive change in the world, you only care of the bottom line 
  • You argue for your own limitations 
  • You're close minded and don't want to try anything new or uncomfortable 
  • You have no idea what you want to pursue or take action on (If this is you, 1:1 coaching is a better fit, reach out at info@lisajeffs.com to discuss further) 

Are you ready to become the online entrepreneur, coach, expert, creative you were born to be? Then, let's go!
I can't wait to help you

Join The Waitlist For The Next Round

Choose your level!


Want to GO VIP and include private monthly 1:1 coaching sessions plus voxer support? 
Then choose PLATINUM LEVEL below
(Prices are in USD)
**OFFICIALLY Starts Oct. 13, 2022 and Runs to March 1, 2023 


Enroll Today And Receive First Round BONUSES
VALUED AT $16,997!

  • > Lifetime access to The Liberation Key Curriculum and all updates (Value $8997)
  • > 14 Live coaching calls for questions or personalized intuitive guidance  (Value $20,000)
  • > 14 Live intention setting/co-working Monday's to keep you on track, accountable and making huge leaps forward ($14,000)
  • > 5 month access to the Private Liberation Key community for continued peer support (Value $3000)
  • > BONUS #1 - First round private Intro session (Value $2000)
  • > >BONUS #2 - Expansion & Alchemy Extra Key - 6 extra lessons to radically shift your manifestations to the next level (Value $997) 
  • Total VALUE: $48,994
  • Your Investment:
  • PAY IN FULL - 1 Payment of ONLY $7777
  •  PAYMENT PLAN - 5 Payments of ONLY $1655


Enroll Today And Receive First Round BONUSES
VALUED AT $16,997!

  • > EVERYTHING IN GOLD LEVEL(Value $48,994) 
  • PLUS
  • > 5 private 1:1 sessions where we can go deep on any personal or business aspect that comes up. Whether you need intuitive, strategy or deep mindset support. This sessions will catapult you forward (Value $10,000)
  •  > Voxer Support During Business Hours. Have your pressing questions answered between calls. You'll be fully supported (Value $10,000)
  • Total VALUE: $68,994
  • Your Investment:
  • PAY IN FULL - 1 Payment of ONLY $12,000
  • PAYMENT PLAN - 5 Payment of ONLY $2500

IMAGINE what your business & life will be like by Spring, 2023 if you spend the next 18 weeks making huge leaps forward. What next level will you achieve? What will you be celebrating – and what will you be planning for the year to come? Here’s your chance to find out! 


This isn’t a program where you’re going to get lost in the background fade away, go unnoticed and get left behind. You’re signing up to be a part of a high-support group of ambitious powerful leaders who don’t let their team members fall behind.

Resistance will typically show its pretty head when you’re about to make a huge breakthrough. Imagine if we just let you bail out right before the huge expansion. That’s not what you’re signing up for. You’re signing up to be held accountable to making massive expansive shifts within yourself and business.

If you get to a point where you’re struggling to continue you’ll have the opportunity to book a NO PERSON LEFT BEHIND session with me. I’ve been a coach for almost 9 years and previously worked in behaviour modification in Toronto’s biggest school board for 16 years.

Not to mention some of my strongest intuitive abilities lay in being able to see exactly what is getting in the way of progress. I have total confidence with this support you’ll get back on track in no time!

With all that being said, if you’re not satisfied within 14 days of the day you originally paid and enrolled, write me an email and I'll return what you paid without issue.

Please Note: If after 14 days, you request a refund, your request will be denied. If you re-register for the program a second time after receiving a refund, you will not be eligible for any future refunds on this same program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We got you covered! All calls will be recorded for your convenience!!

This program is for you if you have an existing business or a business idea/creative project. A big goal of this program is to help you start making massive momentum forward. As long as you have a target that's perfect. If you're in a place where you are lacking direction and don't know what you want, 1-on-1 coaching may be a better idea. Reach out directly at info@lisajeffs.com

Perfect! The Liberation Key is for the newbie or the seasoned spiritual explorer. The curriculum is focused on helping you overcome self-sabotage and align to your deepest calling. It's for every stage of awareness as long as you're coachable, committed and open to learning. 

Absolutely! I’m a huge introvert and know how even small groups can be uncomfortable at first. I can promise you, you will never be called out or put on the spot in a way that infringes your boundaries. To be able to expand into your full capacity, feeling safe is a non-negotiable! You can also feel free to keep your camera off or simply watch the replay of the live calls. 

YES! This isn’t like anything you’ve taken before. I’ve never seen another program that addresses self-sabotage in this way. Plus includes the spiritual, the healing, the community and the accountability to help you skyrocket your success, deepen your connection with your purpose and your connection to universal energy. Not to mention the ‘feel like home’ intimate community.  

Accountability is a huge part of the program. We’ll also be setting intentions and checking in on the progress throughout the program. They'll even be a chance to win prices for those who take action on their BHAG's (Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goals)  

This is an 18 week transformational container. You will have an option to re-enroll for another round (or more) and be grandfathered in at the rate you enrolled at

The curriculum of The Liberation Key is built around helping you become the 2.0 version of you and release anything and everything holding you back. That being said you can bring any questions to your hot seat calls for coaching and guidance, including business questions

Please see Lisa's *RISK FREE* no person left behind guarantee stated on this page 

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